Shri. R. V. Deshpande, Chairman 

Over the last decade, our health activities have included free specialized health camps which have provided much needed assistance to our rural population, and the active promotion of traditional Indian sports ex. Kusti (wrestling). I am grateful for the support and encouragement of all our sponsors, staff and various organizations who have been associated with us. 

All that is valuable in human society is very much dependent on the opportunity for development available to an individual and which is aptly worded by Mahatma Gandhi who stated that poverty is the worst form of violence. I welcome you to join us in our initiatives which provide opportunities of knowledge, health, entrepreneurship and economic freedom to rural India.


Mrs. Radha R. Deshpande, Trustee

Our Trust has undertaken significant activities which have empowered rural women through economic freedom. I am proud that under the auspices of our Trust, over 1288 women self-help groups consisting of approx. 16023 members having received free training started small business activities which have resulted in a total earnings/savings of 6.47 crores and disbursal of 12.86 crore credit facilities to them from banks. 

Our Trust will always be the catalyst for women empowerment and economic freedom. Having recognized the paucity of access to good medical facilities and high cost to rural women, we have regularly conducted free gynecological camps along with pediatric camps, contributing to better women and child health.


Prasad R. Deshpande, Trustee

When we started our self employment and training institute in 2004, which provides free skill based education, we were mindful that we had a hard task ahead in light of various challenges such as resource persons, funding, self-employment opportunities etc. In 2014, having trained over 13082 students with over 70% rehabilitation rate i.e. number of students having started their own small ventures and/or enhanced their existing income, our dedicated efforts have benefitted some of the most poor and marginalized sections of society. 

I am of the firm belief that only through entrepreneurship in rural areas can we truly achieve economic progress and towards this we will move ahead with providing access to education and skill-sets to rural entrepreneurs.


Prashant R. Deshpande, Trustee 

Last year, CBDRSETI celebrates our ten years of service demonstrates our commitment to rural development. We have undertaken several unique health initiatives such as campaign to eradicate eye diseases in children from 0-6 years across Uttara Kannada Dist., providing artificial limbs, speech and hearing aids etc. 

To bridge the technology challenge in an era when governance is now e-governance, we have started “Namma Mitra” (Our Friend), which are free computer and internet enabled kiosks enabling citizens to access e-governance services. As we continue with our activities in the coming years, we are mindful of the high expectations expected from us and we shall leave no stone unturned to ensure the availability of access of opportunities to rural Karnataka.