Shri V. R.D.M. Trust has established in the year 1998 for a memory of Late Shri Vishwanathrao R. Deshpande is constantly engaged in Rural Development activities in the area of Education, Women Empowerment, Health Care and Social activates. 

The Trust is committed to create smiling faces in Rural Society in its every step of the activity. 


The Trust aims to help the Society to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. It also strives to promote wellness through health and excellence among the rural population, to empower the youth and rural women to make them confident and self-reliant. To empower the rural youth with the spirit of self-respect and the power of self-employment by exploring their ability and skills. To achieve this, the Institute shall impart quality education and training through real life facilities that will not only create Self employment opportunities for youths but will also provide jobs to others. 

Intends to take steps towards eradicating Poverty, Illiteracy and promote wellness through Health amongst the Rural Society and compliment the Youth and Women Folk by Empowerment with Skilled Development to make them Self-Reliant. With a view to supplement the Mission, the trust shall create Institutes of Excellence for Imparting Quality Education and Training to create Rural Entrepreneurs with Self-Employment Opportunities.



Inculcate self-esteem & National Pride Career Development Opportunity Education & Health to all women Empowerment. 

Aim for Developed and Happy Rural India by creating Healthy, Literate and Self-reliant Society with great Pride in Nationalism.



Make rural youth able and capable to earn livelihood with self-respect and create their own identity through short duration courses, thereby bringing technology, training, discipline and credit within their reach. 


Core Values